I first attended Villa Bono in 2022 as a guest of the hosts for aperitifs, the primary purpose of which was to discuss an upcoming commission.
As soon as I crossed the threshold of this wonderful home, I was immediately struck by a space of extraordinary architecture.
Not only was I surrounded by art and beauty, every object and every detail was in the “right place”.
Those who know me well, know my passion for houses and their interiors, and thus I began to frequent Villa Bono, each time discovering new details
and angles to photograph. During my visits, and the many precious moments together with owner Alberto,  I would ask him to tell me about his life
and his passions. We would together open draws full of treasures, holding archives of letters and family photos. Thus DIARIO was born; a collection
of thirty large-format images of the life of Alberto Toffoletto, and Villa Bono. The works are further made unique by the intervention of painting,
which I decided to introduce to my photography for the first time. They are placed inside a hand-coloured box, and there is still quite a bit of space
inside for new and unique life stories. For this project I chose to use different supports and cameras, switching from my beloved sx70 Polaroid
to an analogic reflex, as well as coming back to looking the viewfinder of my digital Leica. This makes me feel free, and at the same time respectful,
of a commission that imposes no creative and expression limits.

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