64×48 cm

Object: Glove
Driver: Michael Shumacher
Event: Gran Premio d’Italia
Circuit: Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Italy
Year: 2001

The first GP after the terrorist attack
against the Twin Towers in New York
on September 11th.
Michael Schumacher and Ferrari,
in a sign of respect for the victims, decided
to present themselves at the track with the nose
of the race car painted black in mourning
and without any sponsor logos on the body
of the cars or the driver’s uniforms.

73×58 cm

Object: Glacier Balaclava
Mountain climber: Reinhold Messner
Expedition: Mount Everest
Year: 1978

On May 8th, 1978, an important benchmark
was reached in the history of mountain climbing.
The Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner
and the Austrian Peter Habeler accomplished
a feat deemed impossible up until that moment:
the ascent of Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen.
Reinhold Messner was the first mountaineer in the world
to have climbed all fourteen peaks on the planet higher than
8,000 meters.


120×90 cm

Object: Jersey,1997/98 season
Player: Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Team:Chicago Bulls-New York Knicks
Competition: Game 3,NBA playoffs
Score: 102-89 (M.J.42 points,6 assists and 8 rebounds)
Stadium:Madison Square Garden-NYC

Michael Jordan is simply the greatest basketball player
of all time: 6 NBA titles, 5MVP Awards for the regular season,
10 times the highest scorer, 2 Olympic titles.
In 1999, Jordan was nominated the greatest American athlete
of the twentieth century.

79×64 cm

Object: Ski suit
Skier: Alberto Tomba
Competition: Ski World Cup
Location: Crans-Montana
Year: 1998

Alberto Tomba, also known
as “Tomba la bomba,” is considered
to be, along with Stenmark, one
of the greatest skiers in history.
Tomba concluded his career in 1998
winning the slalom, the last race
in the final of the World Cup in
Crans-Montana, where he had
coincidentally previously won the
first medal of his career.


79×64 cm

Object: Travel diary
Sailor: Ambrogio Fogar
Expedition: Sailing around the world solo
Year: 1973

Castiglione della Pescaia-
November 1st, 1973.
Castiglione della Pescaia-
December 7th, 1974.
Travel diary from East to West, sailing upwind
and against the current.
Ambrogio Fogar was the first Italian
and the third in the world to have
realized this feat.
These diary pages include not only
technical data but above all
the personal and intimate reflections
of a solitary sailor.


150×200 cm

Object: Racing Bike
Model: Colnago Nuovo Mexico
Cyclist: Giuseppe Saronni
Place: Goodwood (UK)
Year: 1982

It was a rainy and crisp day in England on september 5th 1982.
On that day Saronni went down in the history of italian sports
riding his Colnago New Mexico road racing bike.
This triumphant victory came to be known as “The gunshot
of Goodwood”.
It is perhaps the most beautiful two.
Wheeled sprint ever: Saronni crushed his opponents,
leaving Greg LeMond and Sean Kelly behind,
and was proclaimed world champion.


37×38 cm

Object: Headband
Player: Björn Borg
Match: Björn Borg – Jimmy Connors
Competition: Wimbledon (Final)
Year: 1978

Björn Borg is the Wimbledon champion
for the third consecutive year.
The only other player who accomplished
this feat was Fred Perry, who won
three consecutive Championships
from 1934 to 1936.
Borg defeated Jimmy Connors in the finals,
winning by 6-2, 6-2, 6-3.


Object: Jersey
Player: Diego Armando Maradona
Team: Argentina National Team
Match: Argentina-Nigeria (groupe stage)
Competition: Football World Cup (USA)
Year: 1994

Diego Armando Maradona, known as
El Pibe De Oro, is considered one of the
best soccer players of all time.
Second round of the World Cup – USA 1994.
At the end of the match, Maradona was led off
the field by a nurse (holding his hand)
and a police officer for an anti-doping test.
The results were positive, and Maradona
was disqualified.
This was the last time Maradona wore the
jersey for the Agentinian National Team.

100×61 cm

Object: Tennis racket
Player: Andy Roddick
Match: Juan Ignacio Chela-Andy Roddick
Competition: ATP World Tour Master 1000
Stadium: Foro Italico-Rome, Italy
Score: 6-0, 6-4.
Year: 2007


53×63 cm

Object: Basketball shoe
Shoe number: 22 US
Player: Bob Lanier
Team: Milwaukee Bucks
Competition: Game 3, NBA playoffs
Match: Milwaukee Bucks-Seattle
Score: 95 – 91
Stadium: Milwaukee Arena
Year: 1980


41×33 cm

Object: Pistons from the Gilera RSA250 motor
Racer: Marco Simoncelli, known as “Sic”
Circuit: Sepang International Circuit – Malaysia
Race: 250cc Motorcycle World Championship, final race
Year: 2008

October 19th, 2008 – Sepang circuit:
during the unforgettable victory lap after
the end of the race, Sic triumphantly rode
his motorcycle wearing his celebratory t-shirt,
not realizing, due to extreme fatigue,
that it was inside out… No helmet, arms stretched out
like a flying angel, Simoncelli celebrated
the title of World 250cc Motorcyle Champion
on his Gilera RSA250.
It remains one of the most beautiful images of Sic’s career.

119×87 cm

Object: Jersey
Player: Larry Joe Bird
Season: 1988/89
Team: Boston Celtics
Competition: NBA
Game: Boston Celtics-New York Knicks
Score: 122-115
(L.B 29 points, 5 assists and 5 rebounds)
Stadium: Boston Garden
Year: 1988

Larry Bird is considered one of the best basketball players
and scorers of all time. Larry Joe Bird, known as “The Legend,”
in all of his career played exclusively with the Boston Celtics jersey.


46×45 cm

Object: Motorcycle Racing boot
Rider: Giacomo Agostini
Cicuit: Monza, Italy
Event: Grand Prix motorcycle racing
Year: 1966

September 11th, 1966-Monza cicuit.
Giacomo Agostini rides his MV Agusta
to his first world title in the 500cc class.
Agostini would go on to win
14 world championships in the 350cc
and 500cc classes, becoming one
of the most formidable motorcycle
champions of all time.

108×86 cm

Player: Andriy Shevchenko
Object: Jersey
Competition: Finale di Uefa Champions League
Stadium: Old Trafford (Manchester)
Year: 2003

May 28th, 2003, was the first time in the history
of the Champions League final that two teams from
the same country played against each other in the finals:
Milan and Juventus.
After a score of 0-0 in overtime, the teams
proceeded to penalty kicks.
The last penalty kick was up to Shevchenko.
The referee’s stare, the last kick, apotheosis:
Sheva made history. Milan 3 Juventus 2.
“I have scored many goals, and yet no goal
was worth more than that penalty kick
scored against Buffon.”
(Andriy Shevchenko)

59×79 cm

Object: Soccer shorts
Player: Andrés Iniesta
Team: Spain National team
Match. Holland-Spain
Score: 0-1
Competition: World Cup Final
Stadium: Soccer City (Johannesburg)
Year: 2010

11/07/2010 Johannesburg
Iniesta scored the goal in overtime
which granted Spain its first World
Champions title in history.
Up until that moment, Spain had
never played in a World Cup final and
had not defeated Holland since 1983.


83×55 cm

Object: Socks
Athlete: Sara Simeoni
Location: Brescia, Italy

1978, a decisive year in Sara Simeoni’s career.
August 4th, Campo Morosini, Brescia. For that jump,
Sara decides to wear an unusual pair of socks
with a toad as a good luck charm. Just before 8pm,
Sara sets off for the jump that will consecrate her as
a global queen, jumping. 2.01 meters, a world record
which she actually matched just a few days later
at the European championships in Prague,
beating her rival, the former world record holder
Rosemarie Ackermann. Again wearing her favorite socks.
Sara Simeoni was the greatest Italian athlete of all time
winning three Olympic medas, three European medals
and beating the world record in high jump.

86×75 cm

Object: Jersey
Player: Diego Armando Maradona

The team “Los Cebollitas” was an
Argentinian junior soccer team. Virtually undefeated
in the junior championships in the 1970s,
they managed to win 136 consecutive games.
Their first loss inevitably still lies engraved
in the memory of many: after a tie of 2-2 against
the regional team Santiago del Estero in the Evita
tournament, the game had to be decided
in the penalty kicks. “Los Cebollitas” lost 3-1,
because their best player missed a penalty kick
and then burst into tears.
The coach of the opponent’s team consoled him saying,
“Don’t cry, you will be the best player in the world”.
That 13-year-old boy was Diego Armando Maradona.

48×78 cm

Object: Headband
Player: Björn Borg
Match: Björn Borg vs Guillermo Villas
Competition: Monte Carlo Open –
Men’s Single Finals
Score: 6-1, 6-0, 6-2
Year: 1980

Björn Borg won his fifth French Open
in June 1980.
He went undefeated for the entire
competition (setting a record for 3
competitions won withaut losing a set),
and a few weeks later would go on
to win his fifth wimbledon in a match
vs. John McEnroe that went down in history.

64×48 cm

Object: Soccer cleats
Player: David Beckham
Team: Paris Saint Germain
Match: Paris Saint Germain-Brest
(League 1)
Score: 3-1
Year: 2013

The last professional game of the
English champion’s career.
On his cleats he engraved five things:
1- The names of his children
2 – The numbers on the jerseys worn
throughout his career
3 – His initials and his wife’s initials
4 – The Union Jack
5 – The date of the game
Beckham was included by Pelé
in the FIFA 100 as one of the
best soccer players of all time.


114×95 cm

Object: Jersey
Player: Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima
Team: Internazionale Milano
Match: Inter-Spartak Moscow
Score: 2-1
Stadium: Giuseppe Meazza –
San Siro Milano
Year: 1998


50×41 cm

Articolo: Motorcycle helmet
Rider: Giacomo Agostini
Event: Grand Prix motorcycle racing
Cicuit: Brno (CZ)
Year: 1969

July 2th, 1969-Brno Circuit (CZ)
Giacomo Agostini rides his MV Agusta
to victory, winning two world titles:
a second consecutive title in the 350cc class
and a fourth title in the 500cc class.
That same day Neil Armstrong became
the first person to walk on the moon.
Giacomo “Ago” Agostini would eventually win
no fewer than 15 international titles, becoming
the most successful rider in Grand Prix Motorcycle
racing history.

44×36 cm

Object: Bow compass
Sailor: Ambrogio Fogar
Expedition: Sailing around
the world solo
Year: 1973

Bow compass used by Fogar at his charts table
during his navigations to trace routes
and estimate location through the use
of ephemeris data (GPS systems did not exist at the
time and all calculations were done
manually). It broke during Fogar’s
circumnavigation and he was forced
to fix it with the instruments at
his disposal on the boat in the middle
of the ocean.
It has remained the same since then.


100×61 cm

Object: Tennis racket
Player: Sir Andrew “Andy” Barron Murray
Match: Novak Djokovic – Andy Murray
Competition: ATP World Tour Master 1000
Stadium: Foro Italico-Rome, Italy
Score: 6-1, 3-6, 7-6
Year: 2011



173×99 cm

Object: Motorcycle Race suit
Rider: Giacomo Agostini
Race: Daytona 200 (USA)
Year: 1974

Giacomo “Ago” Agostini debuted with
Yamaha on March 10th, 1974.
He set a fast pace for his adversaries
on race sunday, challenging the limits
of what is physically possible and maintaining
his lead for 52 laps. “Ago” not only won,
but arrived well ahead of his Yamaha companion
Kenny Roberts, who placed a distant second.
Speaking before the race, Kenny Roberts
had said Ago ”doesen’t know this circuit
or his motorcycle, i’m going to eat him alive.”
After the race Roberts said simply
“it’s hard to believe Agostini is
a human being.”


Object: Jersey
Player: Lou Dunbar
Team: Harlem Globetrotters

Lou Dunbar, also known as “Sweet Lou.”
Undoubtedly one of the most loved
players in Globetrotter history.
On November 30th, 2000, Sweet Lou
and his team played in Rome, where
they met with Pope John Paul II
and nominated him an honorary member
of the Globetrotters.

64×48 cm

Object: Soccer cleats
Player: Giuseppe Meazza
Team: Italian National Team
Match: Italy-Brazil (semifinal)
Competition: Football World cup (France)
Year: 1938

Giuseppe Meazza is considered to be the greatest
football player in the history of Italian football.
On June 16th, 1938, in Marseilles, during the World Cup
semifinal against Brazil, Meazza scored his 33rd goal
for the Italian team. Scored on a penalty kick, it was
a decisive goal which went down in history:
Meazza had to shoot the penalty kick holding up his
shorts with one hand, since the elastic had just been
ripped by an opponent. It was the last goal of his carrer
with the italian team and and led to to Italy’s 2-1 victory over Brazil.


99×86 cm

Object: Jersey
Player: Diego Alberto Milito
Team: F.C. Internazionale Milano
Competition: UEFA Champions League (Final)
Match: Inter-Bayern Monaco
Score: 2-0
Stadium: Santiago Bernabéu (Madrid)
Year: 2010

Milito scored the two goals which determined
Inter’s victory over Bayern Monaco by 2-0.
With this victory Inter reclaimed, after 45 years,
the throne of European Champion.


119×42 cm

Object: Golf club
Player: Lee Janzen
Match: U.S Golf
Location: San Francisco (California)
Year: 1998

Lee Janzen won the title of
champion at the 1988 US Open,
managing to center the golf ball
in a hole with one single swing
left at the 18th hole.

106×80 cm

Object: Ski jacket
Skier: Jan Ingemar Stenmark
Competition: Ski World Cup
Location: Garmisch (Germany)
Specialty: Slalom and Giant Slalom
Rank: Two golds in both specialties
Year: 1978

Stenmark is considered by experts
as one of the greatest skiers of
all time and is the skier with the most
victories in the history of alpine skiing.
The winner of 2 Olympic titles, 5 World
Championships, 3 General World Cups,
and 15 specialties.

60×80 cm

Object: Jersey
Player: Dino Meneghin
Team: Italian National Team
Year: 1980

XXII Olympic Games-Moscow 1980
After the Soviet invasion of
Afghanistan, the United States, along with
other countries, boycotted the Olympics
and did not participate.
The Italian team, on the other hand,
won the semifinals, beating Cuba 79-72.
Italy placed second, bringing home a
silver medal by defeating the USSR

60×48 cm

Object: Triple ump shoe
Athlete: Giuseppe Gentile
Competition: Olympic Games –
Mexico City
Category: Triple jump
Year: 1968

Over a five-year period in Italy,
Gentile drove the limits of the triple jump
more then one meter further than ever bebore.
At the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, he both
won and lost a competition in which five athletes
broke world records.
Gentile set a new world record at 17.22m, but only
earned a bronze as other athletes jumped even further.
It was at once the consecration and limit of his athletic career.

92×64 cm

Object: Jersey
Player: Shaquille O’Neal
Season: 1992/93
Team: Orlando Magic
Competition: NBA
Match: Orlando Magic-Miami Heat
Score: 110-100
Stadium: Orlando Arena
Year: 1992

Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal began playing
in the NBA in 1992 for the team
Orlando Magic as their first overall
pick and was elected
Shaquille O’Neal is the 8th highest
scorer in NBA history.

47×53 cm

Object: Motorcycle racing gloves
Rider: Giacomo Agostini
Event: Grand Prix motorcycle racing
Season: 1969

By 1969 Giacomo “Ago” Agostini
was the most famous motorcycle
racer in the world.
That year Ago rode his MV Agusta
to victory in every single 500cc race
he entered, setting a record
for the fastest lap.
With a total 15 world titles, Giacomo
Agostini is considered the most
successful rider in Grand Prix
motorcycle racing history.

119×86 cm

Object: Jersey
Player: Miss Loren “Butch” Moore
Team: All American Red Head

First American women’s professional basketball team (1936-1986).
The team’s objective was to demonstrate equality
in the athletic and social levels between men and women.
Loren Moore, in her career with the All American Red Heads,
accumulated 35,426 points in 11 seasons.


66×49 cm

Object: Soccer cleats
Player: Alcides Edgardo Ghiggia
Team: Uruguay National team
Match: Brazil-Uruguay
Score: 1-2
Competition: World Cup Final
Stadium: Maracanã – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Year: 1950

On July 16th, 1950, Uruguay confronted
the highly-favored Brazilian team in a decisive match
at the Maracanã stadium.
At the 79th minute, with a superb diagonal kick,
Ghiggia scored the victory goal, leading Uruguay
to win the title of World Champions with a score of 2 -1.
At the final whistle, the scene was surreal.
The unexpected result of the match led to the suspension
of the sumptuous awards ceremony previously planned
and the match is recalled by Brazilians as the “Maracanazo.”
Ghiggia, years later, said ironically: “Only three people
in history were able to silence Maracanã with a single gesture:
Frank Sinatra, Pope John Paul II, and myself.”

122×71 cm

Object: Mountaineering ice axe
Athlete: Walter Bonatti
Location: Mont Blanc (Italy)
Year: 1956

It’s 4 in the morning on Christmas Day. Walter Bonatti and his friend Silvano Gheser,
a lieutenant with Italy’s mountain infantry, attempt the first-ever winter ascent of Mt. Blanc,
via the Poire route. Along the way they encounter two French mountaineers
– Jean Vincendon and François Henry – who are climbing the Brenva spur on Mt. Blanc’s east wall.
The day grows icy. Bonatti and Gheser are forced to descend along the Brenva and rejoin the Frenchmen.
All four men are trapped in a violent snowstorm and forced to make an emergency camp for 18 hours
at 4,100 m. above sea level. Bonatti and Gheser later make their way to the Gonella mountain refuge,
where they’re rescued on 30 December. But nothing could be done to save Vincendon and Henry,
who had attempted to reach Chamonix instead. Years later, in his book “Una vita cosi” (This Kind of Life),
Bonatti wrote: “Thanks to this ice axe, as lead climber I was able to open a path to safety for everyone
that same day, despite being trapped on a wall of living ice amidst a terrible storm.”

69×55 cm

bject: Spiked running shoe for athletics
Model: Nike Zoom
Event: The XXIII Olympics
Location: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Los Angeles, CA)
Year: 1984
Category: Men’s 10,000 m

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (CA).

With just twelve laps to go, Finland’s Martti Vainio broke free from the pack.
Alberto Cova was the only runner who managed to stay with him.
The Finnish racer tried to lose his Italian adversary – a runner he both feared
and respected – in the final stretches, but there was nothing to be done.
Cova stuck with Vainio up until the last curve, then burst ahead of his opponent
and crossed the finish line alone, his arms raised up to the heavens,
winning the gold with a final time of 27’47”55. Alberto Cova remains the only Italian
in the history of middle-distance racing to win first the European championships (Athens, 1982),
then the World Championships (Helsinki, 1983) and ultimately Olympic gold (Los Angeles, 1984).

69×55 cm

Object: Racing bib
Athlete: Alberto Cova
Event: The XXIII Olympics
Location: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Los Angeles, CA)
Category: Men’s 10,000 m.
Year: 1984

Wearing jersey number 498, Italian racer Alberto Cova crossed the finish line
at Memorial Coliseum first, winning Olympic gold in the men’s 10,000 m.
whith a final time of 27’47”55. Alberto Cova remains the only Italian in the history
of middle-distance racing to win first the European championships (Athens, 1982),
then the World Championships (Helsinki, 1983) and ultimately
Olympic gold (Los Angeles, 1984).

60×46,89 cm

Object: Swimming goggles
Athlete: Federica Pellegrini
Event: Beijing 2008 Olympics
Location: Beijing
Category: Women’s 200m freestyle
Year: 2008

13 August 2008
After the start, Federica was in second place at the 50m mark. But by the 100m
mark she had pulled into first, where she remained until the end of the race.
A drive by Slovenian champion Sara Isaković to catch the Italian swimmer was in vain.
Federica finished first, giving Italy its first Olympic gold in the history of women’s swimming.
Victory was just part of the story.
During that same race, Federica also set a new world record in women’s 200m freestyle,
finishing in 1’54”82.

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