At the heart of the project is my passion for sport, fashion and design, other than stories that talk about sport.
The idea is to search for all those objects or clothing that have been in close physical contact with the athlete during sport events, in some cases memorable.
This is how my research began, which is putting me in contact with collectors, companies, museums, athletes and former athletes from all over the world
and,through them, listening to stories and emotions that hide behind every object or garment.
The objects are photographed inserted in transparent plastic bags, pressurized with the vacuum technique, so as to preserve their integrity and exclude them
from any external pollution.
A handwritten tag is applied to each envelope, which tells the story to which the object is linked with a few but essential, almost didactic, traits.
This gives back to each one of them their own uniqueness.
Deliberately serial “WITNESS 1:1” aims – through research – to be a small historical / artistic document that talks about exciting stories of sport (and not only),
where man and design have been witnesses and protagonists together.
Each work is printed maintaining the proportions of the original subject (1:1).

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